Aging & Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is the practice of restoring the breasts’ original shape and volume by use of individual implants. The procedure can be done through fat transfer, saline implants or silicone gel implants. Typically after pregnancy or weight loss, women tend to lose their original breast shape and volume and therefore, they will look into a breast lift or breast augmentation to boost their self-esteem, to enhance the projection of the breasts and generally to improve their figure.

The Best Age for Breast Augmentation

There are so many reasons that may inspire this surgery. For teenagers, this might be entirely different from that of adults. Ideally, teens may prefer to undergo augmentation to boost their figure and the overall looks. On the other hand, adult women may do it for a different reason, like to restore their breast volume.

Therefore, the best age is between 18 – 50 years. According to the Food and Drug Administration, breast augmentation for teenagers below the age of 18 years is not recommendable since their breasts are still developing. In this case, at the age of 18, some women’s breasts are fully developed while for others are not. To be on the safer side, the recommended age is twenty and older. This is because the breasts are fully developed for all women.

Augmentation at age 35 – 50 years

Apart from the development of the breasts, there are also other reasons that need to be considered in this process. Therefore, at this age, women are done with having children, they are more mature and their health is usually good. It is at this age that the idea is highly encouraged for women who have got the same desire.

Which is the risky age for breast augmentation?

Women with over fifty years might risk undergoing the same procedure because their health might not be good at this point. Therefore, if this is to be done, there should be a clear affirmation of the health condition so as to avoid complications.

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